Earth ∞ Pieces

All Lives Resonate Together, A Participatory Music Project "Earth ∞ Pieces" Launches! March 16th (Sta), 2024 ZO-NO-HANA TERRACE

A world where everyone can shine as themselves

"Earth ∞ Pieces" is a project that aims to create an unprecedented rendition of Beethoven's "Ode to Joy (Symphony No. 9)." A series of performances will take place leading up to 2030, the target year for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Each performance is made one-of-a-kind through encounters and farewells of a diverse range of individuals.

The summary of the world premiere.

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The introduction of the world premiere.

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Earth ∞ Pieces vol.1 world premium

This project was proposed and is supervised by Slow Label's Artistic Director Yoshie Kris, who also supervised the planning and direction of the Tokyo2020 Paralympic Games' Opening and Closing Ceremonies from a DE&I perspective. Following the closure of the Paralympics in 2021, Kris, who expressed a desire to go beyond the framework of "para," began conceptualizing this project in 2022. Joining her is musician Shuta Hasunuma, who, as the Music Director, provided and conducted music at the Paralympics Opening Ceremony.

Artistic Director
Yoshie Kris


Over the past few years, I have encountered many challenges, including my own sense of "difficulty in living." It's not just about the stereotype of "minority = hardship," but rather a serious common issue that many modern people face directly. In an era where true "harmony" is needed, acknowledging and leveraging each other's differences, rather than simply trying to fit in, is crucial. It's time to move away from conformity and embrace genuine harmony, where we support and uplift one another. Let's start by doing what we can for our own well-being, before extending our help to others.


Yoshie Kris studied art management at Tokyo Zokei University, and obtained a master’s degree in business design from Domus Academy in Italy. For over 25 years, she has been involved in citizen-participation art projects that connect people and communities from different fields, attempting social change through dialogue and collaborative processes. In 2010, she encountered the world of disability welfare due to osteosarcoma. The following year, she founded SLOW LABEL. As the general director of the Yokohama Paratriennale (2014-2020), she developed mechanisms for accessibility in stage and event production. For the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics Opening and Closing Ceremonies, she comprehensively supervised the planning, direction, choreography, casting, rehearsal operations, and commentary guides from a DE&I perspective. She received the 65th Yokohama Cultural Award "Culture and Arts Encouragement Award," and is a Thursday commentator on TBS’s "Hiruobi."

Earth ∞ Pieces
Music Director
Shuta Hasunuma


This project originated from my experience of creating and performing music with the members of the Para Orchestra at the Opening Ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics. It’s an advancement of that initiative. What we do is listen to music, play music, and share those moments and spaces. It signifies that the lives of the audience and the players translate into different sounds, and they overlap as music. I hope this unheard-of challenge will serve as an opportunity to create new realms. We look forward to your participation.


Shuta Hasunuma was born in 1983 in Tokyo. Since forming the Shuta Hasunuma Phil, he has been involved in numerous music productions, including domestic and international music performances, as well as in film, theater, and dance. He also applies the method of "composition" to material expressions, creating sculptures, videos, installations, performances, workshops, and projects. His international activities are extensive, including serving as the grantee of the Asian Cultural Council (ACC) in 2013, and being appointed as the "Japan Cultural Envoy for East Asia" by the Agency for Cultural Affairs in 2017. Notable solo exhibitions include "Compositions" (Pioneer Works, New York / 2018) and " ~ ing" (Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo / 2018). He is a recipient of the 69th Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s Art Encouragement Prize for New Artists. At the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics Opening Ceremony, he arranged the Paralympic Anthem and conducted the Para Orchestra, composed of musicians both with and without disabilities.

"Earth ∞ Pieces vol.1 World Premiere"

Event Guide

Earth ∞ Pieces vol.1 World Premiere
Saturday, March 16, 2024
(Public Time: Free admission, no reservation required)
19:00-20:30 (Premium Time: Paid admission, reservation required)
NPO Slow Label
Organizing Committee for Yokohama Triennale


Public Time

Open Rehearsal
Players gather for the first time to perform together.
* Feel free to watch from the café area on the terrace.

Premium Time

Doors Open
(Introduction of the project, Ensemble performance by the players, Networking)
Doors Close
  • All talks will include Japanese-English interpretation and UD Talk (multilingual subtitles displayed on individual smartphones).
  • The event will be filmed for media coverage and documentation purposes.
  • Program details are subject to change.


  • All prices include tax.
  • All ticket types come with a complimentary drink and free viewing of TALK SALON 2 and 3 (Japanese language only).
  • Students and individuals purchasing tickets with a disability discount must present a proof upon entry.
  • Each ticket type will be sold until the planned quantity is reached.

The latest information about our activities will be announced on the official website or on the official X account for SLOW LABEL.

Our Social Action

The value of art in the new era, proposed by SLOW LABEL


This program aims to raise awareness of "Accessibility (Human Rights)" and "Sustainability (Environment)" throughout society, which unfolds through the hosting of a concert. It is a social action initiative aimed at incorporating unique efforts into various elements of the concert.


An ensemble performance by passionate players who want to confront their own uniqueness, gathered through an open-callDeveloping the ensemble organically, playing the world's "SLOW-est" "Ode to Joy"

Open-call players will challenge themselves in playing together as an ensemble in a format called "one-day completion," which does not require any prior rehearsal. Based on the "music blueprint" written by artist Shuta Hasunuma, this initiative goes beyond the conventional norms, questioning the artistic values of "perfection," while emphasizing the importance of not leaving behind those who have lost opportunities to perform with others in today's society.

Open to individuals aged 10 to 60, regardless of their musical genre or experience level, the players are comprised of those who want to expand their expression and worldview, as well as those who have lost the opportunity to perform with others due to various circumstances such as illness, caregiving, child-rearing, or work commitments.


1 18

Support Musicians

  • itoken
  • Chiaki Miura
    Chiaki Miura
  • Ryotaro Miyasaka
    Ryotaro Miyasaka


  • aoinuPerc.
  • Yoshino IwakawaKal.
  • EmoyanVn.
  • KaoriKh.
  • Ayase KamisawaVo.
  • Showji KawasakiGt.
  • Carrot yoshie.Lam.
  • Yuina KoshioVo.
  • Aya KobayashiVn.
  • Yurie SaitoVo.
  • SanochieVla.
  • Shinnosuke SaharaTap.
  • Akane ShimadaVc.
  • Kosuke ShimadaVn.
  • Kazuki TakashimaPerc.
  • Shigeru TachikiVla.
  • Yuki NakamuraVo.
  • NonNonVn.
  • HazukiFs.
  • HaruVn.
  • Sahara FujiwaraTsax.
  • Yu MachiteraPerc.
  • Meat SuzukiVo.
  • Shota MiyakeAsax.
  • Yasuo SaekiVla.
  • Genshun YamanouchiGt.
  • Yui WagoEuph.
  • Kai WatanabeGt.
  • Chihiro WatanabeVo.


  • Akira Iwasaki(DataMarket)
  • Shizuka Kinoshita
  • Tominaga Family☆
  • Aya Hassegawa
  • Yoshie Ota
  • Nobutsugu
  • Rin
  • Nikam
  • Yoko Hamada
  • Masaki Kubota
  • Ohisama
  • Shigeru Ogawa


  • Yuka Funamoto
  • Hiromi Komorita(English)


Stage designer Hiroko Oshima, who conducts research on sustainable initiatives in European performing arts, has designed a space using recycled fabric. Inspired by the key visual of "Earth ∞ Pieces," which portrays the universe and stars, Oshima's design combines various materials. The fabric, made from recycled cloth, is produced in collaboration with the community members of the Aoba Ward in Yokohama City, where Oshima and the nonprofit organization "Mori no Oto" are based. Additionally, in collaboration with lighting designer Nami Nakayama, the lighting brand "Ambientec" aims to create a comfortable atmosphere with the theme of "pleasant lighting for the night to be night," representing the shining stars in the sky.


1 7
  • Hiroko Oshima(Stage Designer, Image Nation Green)

    Hiroko Oshima graduated from the Theatre Design Course at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London Arts University, in 2000. In 2010, she participated in the Agency for Cultural Affairs' Overseas Study Program for Upcoming Artists and underwent training at theaters in Leipzig, Germany. She received the Encouragement Award at the 43rd Itosaku Prize for her costume design of "Yubu O," organized by the Matsumoto City Museum of Art. In September 2022, she presented a stage design using recyclable paper tubes in the performance "Soha Fukuno Iyoru Rutokoro" by the theater group En. In 2023, she conducted research on sustainable initiatives in European performing arts at the University of Lancaster, UK, as part of the Master's program in "Theatre for Social, Political, and Environmental Change."
  • NPO Mori no Oto

    The certified nonprofit organization Mori no Oto aims to foster a society in harmony with local communities and nature, primarily focusing on community development in Aoba Ward, Yokohama City, where it is based. It promotes initiatives such as local production and consumption, cultivation of citizen writers, and support for community organizations in disseminating information. One of its projects, the "Meguru Nunoichi" (Revolving Cloth Market), collects unused fabrics and craft materials from across Japan through donations, refurbishes them, and resells them to new users. Through initiatives like hosting workshops in the community, Mori no Oto practices a circular economy approach.
  • Ambientec

    In July 2009, Ambientec Corporation was established as a unique portable lighting brand with a technical background in the development and manufacture of underwater photography equipment. The brand's design and development philosophy is aimed at users who wish to use high-quality products for as long as possible. The philosophy is not only evident in its high-quality lighting achieved through proprietary LED control technology, but also in the texture of the materials used and the distinctive designs created by leading designers. In pursuit of becoming an international brand, Ambientec shifted its new product announcements to Europe. In 2021, it unveiled three collections of new products, marking the first time for a Japanese lighting brand to be exhibited at the main venue of the Milan Salone (supersalone2021). In 2022, Ambientec was selected as the sponsor for the Milan Salone's "Gala Dinner" on the eve of the event, where 120 of its lamps illuminated the night before the 60th Milan Salone. In April 2023, the brand made its first appearance at "Euroluce / the International Lighting Exhibition," marking a significant milestone.
  • Nami Nakayama(Lighting Designer)

    In 1991, Nami Nakayama entered the Theater Research Institute affiliated with the Bungakuza Theater Company, and began working on stage lighting. In 1998, she participated in a training in New York as an Agency of Cultural Affairs overseas trainee. From 1997 to 2005, she participated in the Life Dance Workshop in Beijing. Since 2017, she has been working as a freelance artist, focusing on designing light and shadow in spaces for performances and exhibitions. Some recent projects she has been involved in include neji&co.'s "Corona Report," Space Knot Blank's "Words and Shakespeare's Birds," and Nobutsugu Omaki's "Interface of Being: Fluctuations in Vacuum Exhibition."


This concert, aimed at creating a world where everyone can shine as themselves, allows participants to dress in any attire they feel comfortable in. Both players and supporters will wear a unique <serial-numbered bow tie> as a common symbol. Designed by fashion designer Kumiko Takeda, these bow ties are made from leftover materials such as ribbons and buttons, based on textiles from "minä perhonen." They are crafted by mothers raising children with medical needs, and individuals seeking connections with society through handicrafts. Each bow tie will feature a serial-numbered tag produced with a special loom in Ishikawa Prefecture.

  • This is a perk for players, supporters, and patrons participating in the event.


1 8
  • minä perhonen

    The brand was established in 1995 by designer Akira Minagawa. It is characterized by textile designs that primarily feature hand-drawn illustrations, created in collaboration with fabric producers across Japan, and inspired by natural landscapes and societal observations. Starting with clothing and gradually expanding into interior decors, the brand aims to create items that grow more beloved over time and that accompany daily life. "Minä" means "I" and "perhonen" means "butterfly" in Finnish, embodying the wish for the brand's beautiful designs to spread far and wide like the wings of a butterfly.

  • Kumiko Takeda(Costume Designer)

    After graduating from the Textile Design Department at Tama Art University, Kumiko Takeda pursued further studies in the United Kingdom. She completed her studies at the London College of Fashion's Costume Design Department/Graduate School, and began her career there. She has since been involved in costume design and production for various theaters. In 2012, she relocated her base to Japan, and expanded her activities to include costume support for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games' Opening and Closing Ceremonies., She also designed costumes for productions such as "NINJA" by Koji Moriyama, operas at the Nissay Theatre including "The Magic Flute" and "Così fan tutte," and "Salome Kitan" at the Umeda Arts Theater, among others. She has also worked on costumes for advertisements and commercials.
  • SLOW FACTORY for Mothers

    SLOW LABEL has been running a program called "SLOW FACTORY" since 2012, which aims to provide opportunities for anyone to participate in enjoyable and easy crafting activities. In the midst of a mass-production and consumption society, SLOW FACTORY aims to offer a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction that humans instinctively seek, such as the joy of "creating things with one's hands" and "working together with others." This initiative particularly focuses on mothers who prioritize maintaining connections with society, which are often lost during caregiving and child-rearing.

    • Momoko Ishihara
    • Hiroko Ogawa
    • Shioko Odagiri
    • Chieko Kubota
    • Kumiko Saito
    • Mimi Shinko
    • Tomoko Tanaka
    • Ryoko Tominaga
    • Naoko Hosoya
    • Kazuko Shimizu
    • Chihiro Mori
    • Kumiko Yasumuro
    • Noriko Yamamoto


We welcome everyone to a special day, where people from different places and with different backgrounds come together, accompanied by delicious meals. DEAN & DELUCA, which provides food with the desire to share the joy of food with as many people as possible, will serve a special "theater menu" that connects everyone at the venue with "deliciousness." For drinks, we will offer carefully selected Japanese wine fermented with wild yeast from COCO FARM & WINERY, which is run by Kokoromi Gakuen, a support facility for people with intellectual disabilities in Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture. In addition, the drinks will be served in eco-friendly mugs with the Earth ∞ Pieces logo by LandLoop, which is made with 51% coffee bean residue and is environmentally friendly by reducing the amount of plastic used. It is designed to be easy to hold even for people with limited grip strength, and you can take it home as a souvenir after using it.

  • This is a perk for players, supporters, and patrons participating in the event.


1 10

    Dean & DeLuca is a select food shop that gathers delicious items from around the world. It began with a market store opened in New York's SoHo in 1977 by Joel Dean and Giorgio DeLuca. It opened in Tokyo's Marunouchi in 2003, marking its 21st year in Japan. We will continue to create spaces where food can be enjoyed, and bring new culinary delights to our customers.


    In the 1950s, a vineyard was established on a mountain by middle school students who struggled with calculations and literacy, along with their homeroom teacher. Since its cultivation, no herbicides have been used. Coco Farm Winery, established at the foot of this mountain in 1980, began wine production in 1984. Currently, they cultivate grapes without the use of chemical fertilizers or herbicides in their own vineyard, and at the winery, they focus on natural fermentation using wild yeast, producing wine exclusively from Japanese grapes.
  • LandLoop

    A project to create a new future for plastics New ideas for culture, traditions, and values that are unique to the local area By adding shape, we make local things more interesting.

005MECENATCorporate Support for Arts and Culture

We extend our gratitude to the companies that have supported this project as Mecenat partners.

  • Data Market
  • Land Loop
  • Ambienrec
  • HIRAKU Holdings

These companies have embraced the vision of this project, contributing to the creation of a new ecosystem beyond national and industry boundaries, and aiming to achieve the SDGs through creative approaches. We have invited corporations, business leaders, and organizations who resonate with our project's vision, and are committed to achieving SDGs through creative approaches.

In recent years, reports from organizations such as the WHO have highlighted the beneficial impact of cultural arts on people's well-being. Moreover, the concept of "art thinking" has gained attention as a skill for navigating the VUCA era. To provide business professionals with opportunities to engage with artists and gain new inspiration and ideas, we have established a new participation category called the "Mesena Seat." This initiative aims to foster real exchanges between artists and those in the business community.


Mecenat (French: mécénat) is the practice where corporations provide funding or services to support cultural and artistic activities.

006TALK SALON Study & Networking Sessions

"Earth ∞ Pieces" provides a space for diverse individuals, including those of different ages, professions, values, and physical characteristics, to interact with those who they may not typically have the opportunity to interact with. Our aim is to co-create a culturally sustainable ecosystem that contributes to the well-being of people and the planet, fostering respectful and open interactions among participants. We hosted online study and networking sessions with guest speakers, where participants learned and exchanged ideas. These sessions were open not only to players and staff, but also to anyone who purchased tickets for the event.Attendees have free access to these sessions and can view archived sessions until the event date.
Whether you are involved in the cultural arts or not, we invite you to join us in exploring actions that can be implemented in your respective roles and workplaces starting tomorrow.

  • Japanese language only


1 4


Stage Manager
Takashi Kawachi
PA/Sound Mix
Toshihiko Kasai
Satoko Kondo
Masumi Yamamoto
Yusuke Sawada
Tomomi Baba
Satoshi Hashiguchi
Syuhei Yamamoto
Assistant Artistic Director
Sayaka Hibi
Mecenat Coordinator
Akio Aoki
Production Manager
Hiroko Higashino
Nobutaka Nakahara
Tie Production Manager
Noriko Yamamoto
Kazuko Shimizu
Back Office Team
Keiko Tada
Sawa Tsukahara
Aiko Hashizume
Yusuke Ide
Promotional Designer
Suehyang Kim
Yuta Tanaka
Documentation Director
Sachiko Namba
Hirofumi Nakamoto
Movie Assistance
Rikako Takahashi
Takahiro Minami

Background and Vision

SLOW LABEL has been implementing a variety of projects aiming to create a world of "diversity and harmony" through the power of art, and to bring back a "SLOW" sensibility to a society often preoccupied with productivity. Following the conclusion of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics, we initiated new dialogues to disseminate the value of diversity to the wider society.
However, we often hear voices saying, "We recognize the need, but it’s difficult to put it into practice currently." Even when initiatives are undertaken, they largely depend on public funding, posing challenges in terms of sustainability. Furthermore, since the advent of COVID-19, unseen isolation and disparities have expanded amidst the unprecedentedly rapid technological evolution, leaving everyone burdened with stress and difficulty in living.
In our activities, we have strongly felt that "accessibility (human rights)" and "sustainability (environment)" are two sides of the same coin. A psychologically safe environment where diversity is respected allows everyone to express their creativity in their own way and to respect each other, thus reducing the risk of harassment and supporting mental health. We believe that this approach to fundamental well-being is the most essential driving force for sustained actions that are kind to both people and the planet.

A Community that can Contribute Eternally to the Well-being of Both People and the Planet

Envisioning a new cultural eco-system

The aim of this project is to create a community (cultural ecosystem) that can contribute eternally to the well-being of both people and the planet, utilizing the power of art. Without being bound by existing industry structures or conventional wisdom, we are gathering domestic and international partners to nurture a "new culture" based on global ethical standards. Through the universally known "Ode to Joy," we aim to create interactions between people living in Japan and those from various cultures and values, distinguished by race, religion, nationality, etc. This initiative strives to be a pioneering model seeking a truly diverse and harmonious world, transcending all barriers.